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Renew Body Collection For All Skin Types PRODUCT #LLSCC3
Our Renew Body Collection has everything you need to care for the overall health of your skin. Bamboo Renew, our invigorating body scrub, will eliminate dead and dry skin, while our extra-rich Crème of the Crop moisturizing body cream and deeply hydrating Forty Cure Crème leave you feeling soft and moisturized.
Price: $94.00

“My 18 yr old son has keratosis pilaris on his upper arms.  He has dealt with this for years. I had him try Bamboo Renew on each arm when he showers every other day.  It has done wonders, his upper arms are now smooth. He really likes it, I don't even have to remind him to use it.  LimeLife, Bamboo Renew, and momma for the win!!”

Brandall S.

Marion, KY, U.S.A


“I’ve suffered from Keratosis Pilaris my entire life. I’ve tried everything including prescription creams and gels trying to get rid of it. I used Bamboo Renew on my arms and legs every time I showered and my bumps are finally gone and there’s no redness! I’m so happy I found skincare that works for me and is all natural! I love this line!!”

Piper E.

Cameron, NC, U.S.A


“This past October I was hospitalized with cellulitis from a cat scratch. My doctors were surprised at how fast my skin healed after using One Drop Wonder combined with Forty Cure Cream. I am happy I do not have any scarring.”


Shannon H.

Spring, TX, U.S.A


“I had stretch marks after having my son, like most moms do. I used Forty Cure Creme for three weeks on my stomach and these are my personal results!! How incredible is this? I now feel confident wearing a bikini again.”

Piper E.

Cameron, NC, U.S.A

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